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Who are Boomdash Digital?


With decades of experience within the industry, Boomdash Digital work in partnership with game developers to launch their app around the world!


Our Aim
We provide independent developers and studios with a hassle free solution to compete against the publishers with the bigger budgets!


Our global distribution network expands across Europe, Africa, North America, Latin America, the Middle East and APAC regions.


We can help to analyse how people play your game and identify areas of improvement. Through our analytical approach, we can help to extend the life time expectancy of a player.

Evil Dead Endless Nightmare

Based on what is widely regarded as ‘the most terrifying movie you will ever see’, Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare is an action-packed first person runner. Players get to experience, for the first time, familiar locations and characters from the movie, in a game packed with psychological terror, movie audio and cinema realistic graphics.

How can Boomdash Digital help?


Our talented Producer comes with a wealth of experience and knows the mechanics behind making a successful mobile game and delivering it to market on time.


Our QA team can do quality assurance on your game to ensure it’s bug-free, functional and compatible across a vast range of mobile and tablet devices.


We’ll work with the developer to establish an in-game economy to increase the chance of monetisation without interfering with the player’s experience.


Crowded marketplaces makes discovery hard within the stores. We have access to communities of engaged players that we can tap into to drive installs.

Working on a game that requires out expertise? Find out how Boomdash Digital can help you today!

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